I’m fortunate and grateful I didn’t jump that day, to be here today sharing my story instead of becoming just another statistic. It’s so crazy how powerful our old stories are and how impactful our everyday thoughts can be. Both negative and positive. This truly is the secret to a happy and sustainably successful life.

Years earlier, I began studying the brain and practiced reframing and mindfulness but still couldn’t make it work in everyday life before my crash. After leaving rehab that last time, everything came together and the pieces finally clicked for me. My experiments worked and I created my own a massive transformation almost overnight.  


Josh Ritcher – Author & Mental Empowerment Coach   

“It’s all in your head… to create your own change, look at the daily words you are using about and towards yourself. Change your daily thoughts and your life will change around you.”

– Josh

Within 80 days I was living the life I’ve always dreamed of. I was happy, joyful, grateful, eating healthy, working out, I had actively engaged with friends and family again and genuinely living my ideal life. The depression had subsided and life around me suddenly had positively been transformed. I was finally able to take back control of my thoughts and end the negative chatter.


To say this was a big shift would be a gross understatement; it was so large that even foods tasted different to me. The positive change I had read about in so many self-help books had finally happened in my life. It was after my massive shift, that I wrote my first book, “Ship for Brains” about reframing our thoughts. I’ve also designed and created an online course to help others who are going through the same struggles I faced.

In 2016, my mission became clear. I could help others and honestly and vulnerably open up about my bipolar, depression, alcoholism and anxiety. I’m passionate about sharing how I took back control of my life and teaching others how to do the same. I’m building an online course and app to reach the widest audience and help the most amount of people as I can. Stay tuned for updates and follow me on insta for the latest.