Not for the mainstream? Mindfulness and its benefits far outweigh what you might have believed before.

A majority of people in the world believe that we are our thoughts. Meaning that the thoughts you have are based in your sense of self. Meaning… your thoughts, equal, you. “I’m feeling guilty for looking at that woman’s ass, I must be a bad person.” In actuality, associating with our thoughts and jumping to conclusions based on those thoughts, are the exact opposite of mindfulness.


You, as your self, your personality and who you are actually lies underneath your thoughts. The brain’s computer runs and that’s what it does. This data crunching it’s doing sometimes, and actually quite frequently has nothing to do with you.  It’s just taking in data like a computer. This data has no meaning… its just bits of information. Think about it, what we see and experience is actually just reflected light, being seen through the lens of our eyes, being categorized by the brain. Light has no meaning, and neither do objects. We have to give them meaning and that’s where your experience of the world gets very different from mine.


So what does all this have to do with Mindfulness? Being mindful means that you become the conscious observer. Instead of just reacting to the world, you wake up. You become aware that you are just having thoughts, that these thoughts are just data. Remember that you exist underneath these thoughts.


Being a conscious observer means watching the mind without judgment. Watching your thoughts and not associating with them. Just saying “huh… that’s interesting.”


Simply observing our thoughts or becoming mindful does two very valuable things at once. It will give you clues to some of your unsupportive thought patterns and help you realize that this spinning computer is not you. And the second is that objects in life, situations in life and scenarios don’t always have meaning and or importance to us. We are able to look at things realistically and examine the facts in a scenario rather than letting the brain run to wild conclusions about how everything is our fault.


The enemy of self-judgment and harsh self-talk is “Truth.” The true you beneath your thoughts and truths about your thoughts will set you free. So pack up the yoga mats, dust off the Birkenstocks and give little Buddha a scratch behind the ear from me because now my friends, you are officially awake. Welcome to mindfulness.


by: Josh Ritcher

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