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My life was a financial wreck and now I had almost committed suicide!? How had all this happened? It’s so crazy how powerful our old stories are and how impactful our everyday thoughts can be. Both negative, and positive too. This truly is the secret to a happy and sustainably successful life when we know how it works. But it would take me many years and countless failures to figure it out fully. After leaving rehab my third and last time, the pieces finally clicked for me. My experiments began working and I finally created my own a massive shift, almost overnight…


Josh Ritcher – Author & Mental Empowerment Coach 

“It’s all in your head… to create your own change, look at the daily words you are using about and towards yourself. Change your daily thoughts and your life will change around you.”

– Josh Ritcher

Little back history break for a second. I come from television production and have worked on shows like Deadwood, Key&Peele, Workaholics, Twin Peaks, Just Roll With It and many more spanning my 19 years in TV. Currently, I’m the standing Art Director for ABC’s Shark Tank and have been there all 11 seasons. Why is this important to share? Because I was so wrong before. Shows, titles, Emmys, none of these things made me happy and the harder I worked for these “things”, the more miserable I became. True happiness is an inside job and you can create this for yourself too. Ok, back to my turnaround.

… I created my own massive shift, almost overnight. Within 80 days I was living a completely different life. To say this was a massive shift would be a gross understatement. I was happy, joyful, grateful, eating healthy, working out, I was actively engaged with friends and family again. My depression was gone and I was finally free of the 7 different medications I was on, for my previously declining mood. Everything around me suddenly had positively been transformed. What had caused this miracle turnaround in my life? What mysterious brain hacks had I stumbled upon?

Thus began my 4-year study of neuroscience and the brain’s hidden loopholes. I wanted to know how I ended up where I did, and more importantly, how did I get out of it? Here’s a secret, I discovered that the brain doesn’t like repetitive conscious thoughts. After weeks it will automate these thoughts to stop us from burning energy on them. So we can use repetition to implant new ideas. Yes, hack your brain. You can read about all my experiments, studies and successes in my new book “Ship for Brains.” The simple, how-to guide for creating your own massive turnaround.

I know it sounds crazy. Why have I worked tirelessly for the last 4 years to research neuroscience, write a book, build an entire online course and build an app? Firstly, because this stuff is a game-changer and secondly because I believed I could create a repeatable process for you. I believed that I could build a simple how-to, step by step guide. Allowing others to create the exact same shift in their lives. I’m elated to report that it’s working! You can read here, what Cassie, my first client through the course, has to say:

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