let’s uncover the true you that’s been hiding beneath the shame and darkness.  

helping you find happiness and your true passion.


One simple lesson a week


30 minutes or less per video lesson


simple, can do, mental practices


"this was a big dream come true..."

“Last year I was lost and didn’t feel smart enough to get a good job as a Software Engineer. I was living with my mother, depressed and hated myself for still being dependent on her at age 25. After I went through Josh’s course, and followed the simple but important exercises, I began to feel hopeful about my life again. Josh helped me to become more mindful and I fell in love with doing a little better everyday. Josh taught me to believe in myself and gave me the courage to apply for a job at Google. A few months later, I’m excited to share that I’m moving up north because I got my dream job at Google!!! This was a big dream come true for someone who initially thought she was not good enough for any programming job.”

Thanks so much Josh! – Masha Abadian

the secret...

is deep within your brain’s patterns, brought to life by old stories you keep telling yourself and shame. These stories become the filters you see and experience the world through. During years of brain research, I finally understood why we can’t just WANT change, we first have to understand how the brain is functioning.

it's not your fault...

Your brain has evolved to remember negative events and patterns, this keeps you alive. However, in modern society, stress and pressures keep activating this survival part of your brain. We are all up against a program that has evolved for thousands of years.


You absolutely can reprogram and get these old brain patterns working FOR YOU. It’s a lot easier than you think. “Get Your Ship Straight” will show you how to rewire in a few simple steps.

how devastating would it be...

if you lived your entire lifetime never knowing your full potential? It’s time to wake up, time to take control of your brain, stop numbing, living in fear, stop just surviving and become the best you possible.

Here’s what I’ve built to support you.


Today I’m offering my life changing, tested, post-recovery,
8-week neuro-rewiring and reframing online course.

Here’s what you get with the course:

“Ship For Brains”
My Book

( Included with the course )

This is the story of my crash, rehab, negative thought cycles, depression and anxiety. After almost taking my own life, I embarked on a multi-year study of the brain. Consciously choosing my thoughts and reframing new ones, saved my life. Today, I’m passionate about waking others up to the power they have, right inside their own heads.

8-Week, Targeted, Reframing
Online Course
( Included with the course )

My online, video course gives you the support they need, right from the safety of your own home. My teachings are always vulnerable  and from the heart. Resulting in  authentic videos that deliver new targeted, mental reframing exercises each week. By removing emotional discomforts and key trigger emotions, we can drastically reduce your clients need to numb.

Exclusive, Course Community
Support Messaging

( Included with the course )

I wanted a new support tool where I could directly communicate with my clients. To be there when they need me the most. This new app is a community messaging board where you can freely ask me questions while also supporting one another. You will never feel alone in this powerful community of other course attendees. All while having direct access to me, right on your phone.

Mental Best Mornings App 
( Included with the course )

Daily gratitude is a big part of my teachings today. Countless studies show the mental health benefits of a daily gratitude practice. Plus I’ve seen magical changes in my clients lives too. My gratitude app is designed to use the brain’s natural desire to automate repetitive thoughts. By starting your day from a space of appreciation, we can counteract negative thought patterns, daily. 

Downloadable “Trigger Assist” Audio & Meditation Recordings
( Included with the course )

Meditation has become an incredible tool for me to control my own Bipolar. In the course, I’m offering an approachable introduction to this wonderful practice. Included are also recorded audio “mantras” to guide you through peak trigger states. All meditations and mantras are downloadable so you can have them on you phones, when and where you need them most.

Motivation & Engagement
Emails Weekly

( Included with the course )

To help you stay engaged and inspired to keep showing up, I’ve written over 20 emails that coincide with the 8-week, course progress. These emails offer web links to great articles, fun brain tips and teasers of upcoming lessons. The emails are designed to boost engagement and keep you actively involved in your own healing. 

Josh’s Motivation & Inspirational Instagram
( Free to the public )

Of all the social media channels, you will find me most active on my instagram account. My daily posts toggle back and forth between inspirational quotes and videos of me and my personal journey. Offering valuable insights and a deeper dive into reframing and a positive mindset. My vulnerable,  “real world” approach gives others the courage to make positive changes in their lives. All while giving them permission to feel and experience life’s ups and downs.

“Your Mental Best”
Inspirational Podcast

( Free to the public )

Podcasting has really been a joy for me. I get to fully explore different mental health topics at length. Episodes run around 17 minutes and I’ve also been inviting in more guests. I even had the pleasure of having Daymond John from Shark Tank on an episode with me. There are plenty of other special guests coming up and more wonderful brain rewiring tools. You have the power to control your reactions to the world, and that’s all the control you need. 

in 8 weeks, together we will:

make sobriety easier

discover the real you that lives beneath the brain’s chatter

become aware of unsupportive words and beliefs

Rewire the brain with new and lasting, supportive thinking patterns

break the cycles of depression and anxiety

cope with fears and finally get past them

learn how to fight for your needs

break through blocks and get healthy

take action with the things you choose to avoid

create a new lens to view the world through


take control of your life and everythig in it



live life again… joyfully

So what do I have to pay for this ship?

Course Curriculum: (Access Immediately after purchase)

Week 1 Video:
Mental Exercise – Self Compassion

Week 2 Video:
Written Exercise – Gratitude and our everyday thoughts

Week 3 Video:
Mental Exercise – Dealing with fears and emotions, not avoiding

Week 4 Video:
Mental Exercise – Watching our words and reframing

Week 5 Video:
Mental Exercise – Worst First, getting into an action state of mind

Week 6 Video:
Mental Exercise – Reframing anger and frustrations

Week 7 Video:
Mental Exercise – Future me, getting past those pesky blocks

Week 8 Video:
Congratulations – Recap and practices to keep up

Full access to my members only support forum:
Social networking with others taking the course

Find goal partners, stay motivated and amplify your success


PDF Downloads:
Week 2, written Exercise – Gratitude and our everyday thoughts

All Slides from each weekly excercise

“I want to help you to become your best self,
so I’m making it extra easy and really affordable
to make massive changes in your life.” –
Josh Ritcher

Plus, I’m offering these powerful, extra free bonuses:


Bonus #1

Free copy of my book “Ship For Brains” – $15 Value ( yours free )

This is a pre-release copy before you can buy it in stores.
I’ll share my full story of depression, near suicide and the three months that changed everything.
We’ll dive into plenty of rewiring techniques and get you well on your way to the new you.

Bonus #2

5 Free Targeted Meditations – $100 value ( yours free ) 

 Designed to support you during peak triggers, keeping you strong, sober and in control.
Over an hour of guided meditations, yours to download and keep forever.

1) Dealing With Peak Emotional Triggers Meditation

 2) I Am Safe – Sitting With Your Peak Emotions & Staying In Control

3) Creating a New Mind Deep Healing Meditation

4) Anxiety Relief Meditation

5) Deep Relaxation Touch Up Meditation

Bonus #3

My Life Changing Morning Gratitude App ( yours free ) 

 Taking the latest studies and the best reframing practices we’ve built the best, fast,
morning re-wiring tool you can find. If you want to take back control of your thoughts
then this app is for you. Free only to members of the course. 

1) Targeted daily positive influx, proven to re-wire your brain

 2) Negative thought pattern reframing

3) Push notifications keeping you in a peak positive state all day

4) Simple, daily, proven gratitude practices

5) Fun, daily intention cards

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a live workshop?

“Get Your Ship Straight” is over three hours of highly targeted teachings and exercises all jam-packed into 8 video recordings. Pre-taped and edited for maximum impact. They’re cut down to the very meatiest parts, keeping them quick and low drain (time-wise) on your life. The book and meditations are yours to download and enjoy.

These are the best of practices I’ve learned over 10 years studying self-help and 6 years studying neuroscience and addiction. These are the latest practices backed in countless studies, science and trials. I’ve taken the best of the best and condensed it down for you right here.

How long do I have access to the course, book, meditations and extra materials?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you’d like – across any and all devices you own. Some coaches restrict your time and or limit what you can download. I’m giving everything to you forever. The power is in the material, why would I ever want to restrict your access. I’m here to support you in being the best you can become.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

You bet! If for any reason you don’t love the “Get Your Ship Straight” course, then send me an email within 30 days and we’ll gladly give you a refund.