"My guy Josh breaks down the simple, yet powerful tools...

…you need to reprogram your brain. That’s right, reprogram your brain.
Your daily thoughts have a huge impact on your life. As Josh says, it’s all in your head.

– Daymond John – Shark, on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

"I was stuck in a loop of putting pressure on myself...

and looking to others for validation…. his 30 days of self-love, among other work,
was a totally life-changing experience for me. In a very short time, Josh has permanently
changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful.

– Melissa

"This quick-easy-to-read-book has so much condensed wisdom...

…for the newbie as well as the avid self-developer. We all have patterns that no longer serve us
and could let go of addictions that are keeping us stuck. I feel so inspired and motivated
to take my self-coaching to the next level!”

– Karina

"I have improved my mood and learned so much...

…from all your stories and tips on rewiring the brain! I have no doubt that all your
struggles you suffered are now helping so many. Thank you so much!”

– Christine

"Thank you for writing your book...

 …it really has opened my eyes to a lot of things I once didn’t see.
I also started writing my daily gratitude / I am exercises. Thank you again, this was just what I needed.”

– Sydney

I was able to catch Daymond John on the set of Shark Tank, between pitches, to thank him and chat bout Ship For Brains. Yes, the music is thumping between pitches some days.

I wrote this book for you because I was so wrong before… 

I was a seeker like you and feverishly digested self-help and success seminars for over 10 years. I thought some guru would flip a switch for me and everything would finally change in my life. I was too tied up in my work identity and thought my personal success was defined financially. The harder I was working to create change the more pressure I put on myself and the less compassion I had for my failures. This crippling stress created my ongoing depressions and anxieties. It seemed the harder I worked the worse my life became.

After leaving rehab my third time, I finally learned the secret to a happy life, lied squarely in my daily thoughts. I was only drinking to numb my painful emotions which were driven by my negative thought patterns. I didn’t have a drinking problem, after all, I truly had a thinking problem. In Ship For Brains, you’ll follow my journey of neuroscience discovery, experiments and ultimately rewiring my own brain. Creating the life I never dreamed of, myself.

I wrote this as a practical and simple, how-to guide because that’s all I ever wanted before. Simple steps to follow that would create positive change in my life. And surprisingly it’s pretty simple to do.

It was never really a goal of mine to write a book but the universe has guided me to do so. So today, I vulnerably share my failures and lessons, ultimately to serve others. This is an authentic gift for you.  

In Ship For Brains, you’ll learn the simple steps to:

Re-wire your own brain and finally create true change

These simple, how-to-style steps are easy to follow and implement into your own life. Backed in deep neuroscience, this is the true secret to positive change. You can live free finally.

Beat back depression and anxieties

Doctors had me on 7 medications for my declining mood. I only take a reasonable dose of my bipolar medication today and that’s it. We can create our own peace and balance inside ourselves. 

Capture your thoughts in the moment and “reframe” new ones

We haven’t been taught how to watch our thoughts yet. We can absolutely choose new patterns which result in a new life.

Generate new emotions and true peace from within

We too often believe the outside world causes us stress, therefore the outside world must have the secrets to take this away. I’ll teach you to generate new feelings and peace from within.

Deal with peak states and massive trigger moments 

It is possible for us to self-soothe and talk ourselves out of trigger moments. Breaking the cycle of numbing and running from our emotions.

Get past motivation and procrastination blocks

I’ve come up with some simple and handy tricks to beat these common blocks. Putting you in the action taking seat and propelling your new life forward.

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