In times like these, we can break these cycles of anxiety.

We can break these cycles where we get stuck and stop the stress chemicals. We can remind our brains that were are not in immediate danger in this very moment. Our fight or flight response isn’t needed at this time and we can relax some. Yes it’s a changing landscape out there, but we can also trust this isn’t going to last forever. We will get through this as a species and we will survive. Life will get back to normal one day soon. This is temporary and we are safe in this very moment. 

The meditation below is a tool to help you during this time. Free for you to download and play as often as your brain spikes in fear again and tries to get you to take action and run. We are allowed to be scared, but we also can’t let this fear cripple us.
You are safe in this moment. Let’s fill your mind with some new thoughts and create some peace.

To download and keep this week’s Meditation, Right click on the button and select “save link as” to download this file.
If you can’t right click – Control+click on Mac Safari or Option+Click on Chrome

The “I am safe” mantra is a powerful meditation and mental tool to combat our biggest trigger moments. Especially during these unique times. Download it to your phone and play it as often as you need.