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Your Mental Best Podcast will open your eyes to the mental tools needed, for sustainable success, happiness, and control in today’s fast-paced life. Motivate yourself to eat better, workout, feel good, live happily and do everything you’ve wanted to do in life by changing the way you think. These principles are easily implemented in today’s modern, fast-paced life.

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Your Mental Best Podcast – Live with Josh.

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Episode 8 – Daymond John from Shark Tank

This week on Your Mental Best Podcast, we have special guest Daymond John from ABC’s multi Emmy winning show Shark Tank. Daymond and I discuss times that were challenging for him and how he keeps himself in a peak state every day. Recorded in Daymond’s dressing room right after a day of taping on Shark Tank.

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Episode 7- Getting Out of Your Funk

We all have lows or sometimes we get in a funk, here are 6 great ways you can get yourself out of that funk and back on track and killing it. What am I saying, these are just great things to do in general for a strong mind, mindset and successful thinking. Plus we have a HUGE special announcement this week so have a listen and enjoy.

Episode 6 – Game-Changing Morning Ritual

This week I’m letting you in on a secret. This is part of my course and a very important piece in changing your own life. Let’s get you back in control and launched in the right direction. It’s not hard but this one simple tool will do so much for you in your life! You can always download my free book to learn more. joshritcher.com/book/

Episode 5 – Your Everyday Thoughts

This week is a special episode. I’m going to play for you some of my favorite coaches talking about the mighty power you have between your ears. From Jen Sinchero to Jack Canfield and Lisa Wimberger, I’ll play snippets and chat about the science of changing your own thoughts and life. Put this into practice today if you like and become your own mental master. joshritcher.com/course

Episode 4 – The Masterful Life with Sal Mariano

This week I had a great interview with Sal Mariano on his podcast, “The Masterful Life”. Such an amazing guy and Sal is doing some really incredible work. Check him out at:   anchor.fm/themasterfullife

Episode 3 – Our Stories

Stories are powerful things in our lives. They dictate what jobs we think we can have, the people we think we can and can’t date, the body we can have, etc.. Your stories are running the show. In this episode, I’ll give the example of a hugely powerful and absolutely incorrect story that I picked up when I was very young and how destructive this story was for 20 years after that.

Episode 2 – You Have the Power

Waking up to your thoughts and the stories that are running the show. In this episode, I’ll show you how the brain works so that we can start using these automated things to our advantage. If we want to create lasting positive change in our lives then we will have to understand the brain a little. It’s time to wake up to the lies you have been living and to the walls, you are creating around yourself so that we can blow them down! I’m ready to help you live a happy, successful life of control.

Episode 1 – The Sinkin Thinkin

Driven to almost take my life because of deep depression and a massive shame spiral I was in, inside my own mind. Your mental best Podcast is about taking back our power in life and creating the life you always dreamed of through simple mental exercises. In this episode, I’ll give you a little backstory on who I am and how I got to my lowest place through some negative thinking patterns and how I was able to turn that around.